Proud to Promote. The Hidden Textiles of Berkeley.

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On a spontaneous afternoon trip to Berkeley I was shocked to discover the mass amounts of hidden textile gems found within it’s quaint street side shops. A huge asian influence is immediately felt as some boutiques create magic right before your eyes as they print for the public. Other discoveries are hidden in the genius label design of a jam jar…? If you can make it out to Berkeley to take a look for yourself the adventure is highly recommended, but either way enjoy a sneak peak of what these hidden gems have to offer!

The Pasta Shop is a hidden gem for textile lovers because should you choose to purchase the print you find you will also be buying the product it’s labeling. When I  saw these jam jars dressed up in chic and eye catching perfectly printed labels I was instantly a fan. What can I say? I’m a sucker for packaging… and jam! The jam is out of this world good and will be gone before you know it. You’ll never tuck it behind the peanut or almond butter. It’s more of a work of art then a label and you’ll always have it on your countertop to show off and… well…eat!

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For anyone who is into the intricacy of Asian prints A Thousand Cranes is going to be your new go to destination. They carry everything from printed plates and mugs to hundred year old Japanese kimonos that I absolutely fell head over heels in love with. They also have bundles of exotic fabrics with details so tiny you will marvel at the amount of time and beauty put into each not yard, but centimeter of fabric. They sell it by the yard and for another pretty penny you can actually purchase duvet covers and pilows there as well.

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This paper shop (located right down the block from A Thousand Cranes) puts other paper shops to shame as they print large scale and small scale textiles in the store as you watch. You are literally able to witness magic! I had to sneak these shots becuase they wouldn’t allow photos but I couldn’t help myself and this work needs to be discovered and seen by anyone who appreciates traditional practices in art. The prints range from smaller two color prints for 5 dollars to large scale miraculous imagery with over 100 colors that will take you into the thousands so just walking around the shop is such a treat and a total feast for those hungry eyes of yours!

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