How to Throw the Perfect Arm Party.


Step 1: As usual pick a theme, pick a vibe, pick a mood, pick a spirit. For the first one I went nautical. Obviously that means incorporating navy, white and gold from there I chose and accent color which in this case was a yellow green that offset the other colors and became the life of the party. Choosing different textures, sizes and patterns are essential to throwing a good arm party. If every bangle attending matches the next you would never have anything to gossip about the morning after while sipping on mimosas and noshing on a bagel and lox.


Step 2: Pick nuetural colors and focus on the prints and sizes. This arm party can go any where with almost anything but it’s intention is to be the  interesting silent lurker standing in the corner that everyone wants to talk to but never does. At this party we will play old jazz music and mixed tapes, wear high waisted pants and batcomb our hair super big and upward towards the heavens. This arm party may be lacking color but prints and patterns it is not. We are quirky and we just want to have some innocent fun.IMG_0391Step 3: Don’t forget you are throwing a party not a fundraiser! It is not serious. This is the arm party I would throw on for a Sunday fun-day brunch with my closest G friends. This party is so serious about having fun it’s redick. In fact it can’t not have fun. Not only do we have geometric patterns here but we also have geometric shapes and colors that would turn a sunday fun-day into a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday fun-day as well. This is the type of arm party that will get you invitations to upcoming parties. It’s the type of party that will throw a party at the current party. With this much going on it’s impossible to not be having a good time so please, proceed with caution.

IMG_0356Step 4: Sometimes you have to quiet your inner diva.This is the type of arm party that will turn heads. Polka dots are here and we don’t need this glasses bangle to see how off the freaking wall they are. I love incorporating the same print over and over in various ways within the same look. It feels like mad energy that’s been funneled into perfection. I can’t get enough of the whimsical take on that preppy book worm who by the end of the night, no matter how much they refuse, always manages to find themselves in the center of the dance floor.

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