How To Playfully Perfect Gingham Picnic Or Not.


Gingham is a print most associated with a long afternoon with a glorious breeze, a big bottle of wine, decadent cheese, crunchy crackers, and maybe another big bottle of wine… or two… or three… Heading into Summer, this look is all about celebrating the picnic spirit while allowing your fashion to function for you. Downtown city girls always know, it’s not about where you actually are (Downtown) it’s ALL about where your pretending you are in your head that acutally takes your look from drap to fab quicker then you can find a picnic basket that says “Hello Sunshine, let’s do this thang!”

Step 1: What kind of a picnic are you though? Are you a naughty picnic with red wine and blue cheese? Are you a tomboy picnic with a chunk of Cheddar and a six pack of Stella? Or are you just a whimsy little spontaneous picnic with an eclectic mix of munchies and red bull Vodkas to wash it all down over belly aching laughter and innocent afternoon game of Truth or Dare? The picnic inspired outfit above is screaming with an eccentric class that would make any onlooker swoon in a playfully perfect Gingham daze. Picnic, or not.


Step 2: I never thought I’de say this but this look is so much more about the face then the shoes, becuase your probably going to want to take them off the second your picnic is unpacked. Don’t ask why, but your little toes will relinquish all self control to the cool breeze and will not allow you to hold them back, even with the most obsurd Prada oxford flats or your most fabulous picnic ready DVF wedges. You have to let your toes do their thing. With that said the picnic is all about squeezing onto a little outstretched blanket and getting up close and personal over conversations with your face, so make it work. Accessorize and don’t stop. If your doing the whimsy thing these cat eye glasses are so on point it’s redick. Go for a lip stain not gloss. It says your trying, but your not reapplying. Add a chunky necklace for flare or a thick twisted bundle of pearls to ground your outfitted face and never forget to throw on a pair of flashy stud earings to make the eye float upwards.IMG_1496

Step 3: Belt it.

IMG_1498Step 4: Throw yourself an arm party full of bangles you haven’t taken out to play in a while. After all picnics are full of unexpected visitors including pesky little crawling bugs and friends of freinds who joined the festivities empty handed. So it’s important to remember picnics are not an invite only type of event and which ever bangles want to join you for the day can, everyones included because picnics are all inclusive.

Close up of the twisted bundle of Pearls.IMG_1501Step 5 : I know I said the shoes don’t matter, but they do so find a fabulous pair full of so much eclectic whimsy and sass you’ll make your neighboring picnickers green  as grass with envy.

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