How To Give Sporty Spice Her Comeback

photo (15)    

If you’ve been following my ranting posts for the past few weeks you already know Micheala D’Artois. As my room mate, fashion forward guru, and the creative genius behind her blog. Our house is a constant flurry of bright and bold hues on my end, and sleek and chic neutrals on her end.  When I saw this mustard yellow number floating down the hall I was stunned and had to snap some photos of her outside of our house in the Haight. Now, I have proof that not only does she do the color mustard  justice, but she also knows how to work the hell out of  jeans and a baseball cap. By using a consistent color scheme, she has fun experimenting with textures and silohettes to create intrigue as she shifts from sporty to spicy in an outfit that is sure to turns heads. Printed pants have been trending all year and I have to say the look is getting repetitive and drab, but not for D’Artois. Instead of following in fashion’s foot prints she has taken this trend and made it all her own. She takes the same outlook with not only this trend but fashion in general describing it as “The most expressive art form, a way to separate yourself from the crowd”, and that she does. As Micheala threw herself at the opportunity to talk style, her passion for fashion was evident in the way she described her own personal style as “Inspired and nostalgic. I have come to see my wardrobe as a collection all on it’s own as I have grown so attached to individual pieces in my closet because I feel they each have their own way of saying something about me, of describing me in their own way.” So although some may say this isn’t considered “street style” because she and her look weren’t discovered out on the street, what I say is “Anyone who can make a cement side walk look like a runway is ‘street style’ enough for me.

photo (14)

Step 1: Start with the foundation. You will later build your look upon it so make it strong and make it count. Since we are going for a casual sporty look starting with a fab pair of denim is most certainly essential. Don’t get carried away and put on sports gear. That’s not the point. You will confuse everyone. After you’ve locked down your bottom half pick a loose solid colored number that would in any other circumstance be considered a dress. Don’t judge me, jeans and a dress are happening and yes I just tricked you into it. Choosing a bold color for your dress-top is a great idea. White and black work for everything but those colors don’t say anything about you other then that you are safe. And if you’ve been following you know, safe = boring. So you can do it just don’t make a thing of it, unless it’s your thing in which case work the hell out of it girl!photo (16)

step 2: Accessorizing is so essential for this look because you are trying to look effortless. A baseball cap is the perfect fit because it shows that your on purpose and supports the “sporty” part of this look. I would normally choose a printed cap but since we are trying to down play our inner diva this look called for a black faux leather number that would make even Posh herself squirm at the chance to sport it. The necklace is so good. Gold and chunky says ” I’m an Egyptian goddess, don’t bother me” and it also says ” I’m not chunky but my necklace is” Think Rihanna, Think B. It’s all happening.

photo (17)

Step 3: Introducing the Creeper. If The Spice Girls were still doing their thing today, these would no doubt be their go to shoe of choice. Black leather creepers say “I’m creepy yet still approachable but please dont talk to me I’m busy” which is exactly what you want. All in all this look is sporty enough to take to a ball game, but only if your boyfriend is Derek Jeter and chic enough to grab a drink in after running around the city all day.  Can we say flawless?

The end.

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