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Blah Blah Blah blogs are all the rage. We know. So here I am to blog about the most happening blogger in all of San Francisco. She is kicking ass and taking names hosting events, reporting on the latest fashion do’s, and straight up strutting. I know all this first hand because not only did I get the chance of a lifetime to interview the woman but I also live with her. Blogesphere, I give you Michaela D’Artois…

michela 5

NB:If you had to play shag, marry, and kill with Beyonce, Carine roitfeld, and yourself what would you choose and why?

MD:Way to start it off the the toughy… I would have to say I would end up having to kill myself because I could never marry myself, I would make a terrible wife. Fuck beyonce and marry carine because she is my spirit animal. But then I would be dead so it would be super awkward for both of them.

Q:If you could describe your blog in three words what would they be?


Q:Why do you blog? What does it do for you? What’s the purpose? Why did you give birth to it?

MD:I gave birth to my blog as an outlet for my thoughts and visuals that are personal to me. Through personal style and photography I am able to document the beautiful parts of my everyday life. I also hope that it inspires people all over to embrace their style and let their freak flags fly.

Q:You don’t normally where prints and stick to mostly neutral colors. Why do you not gravitate towards prints and patterns or bright and bold colors?

MD:For me the perfect sleek black outfit is like the perfect man. It appears effortless, never high maintenance, you never get tired of it, and it’s always ready to go (no matter where).

Q:Is black the new black?

MD:Black is always the new black. I mean have as many affairs as you want with all the other trends but you know you’ll always come back to it.

Q:If you were a drink at Starbucks what would you be? and why?

MD:If I was a drink at Starbucks I would kill myself. But if I had to choose I would be a cappuccino, classic, steamy and gives you a jolt!

Q:If you were a cocktail what would you be? and why?

MD:If I were a cocktail I would be an extra dirty vodka martini with like 6 olives. It’s timeless but still says I’m here to have fun. Also I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t look ten times sexier when sipping one.

Q:give us a taste for what your blogs about and a reason why everyone in the entire world should be reading it.

MD:My blog is about a twenty-something year old with a vice for shoes and vampy dresses, who is finding her way through the fashion industry. It has a lighthearted take on fashion blogging which I think is important when you are posting pictures of yourself everyday. I can never take myself that seriously. Everyone should be reading it because I think it will give them a good laugh and a little bit of personal inspiration to go out and wear something over the top!

Q:Why should we care about your blog? what moves are you making in the future and what can we come to expect from fashion 415?

MD:You probably shouldn’t care about my blog too much…haha. But I have lots of big plans for it and I hope to continue to reach new readers and people with it! It’s brought so many cool collabs and people into my life. In the future I hope to bring my blog to a new city with me and continue the story!

Q:Who is your most current musing? and what is your most current fashion craze? what is making you drool this moment? books? food?

MD:At this very moment I’m super into dressing like a boy with girlie sprinkles. I’m all about the wing tips and buttoned up shirts, with some sheerness to show off my girlie bits… Also I’m constantly obsessing over crazy vintage dresses that I find. I have an entire collection of vampire-esque black dresses and another of prairie style boho frocks.

If your itching for more on Michaela D’Artois click here and and travel to where she and all her vampiness reside.

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