“If You’re Tired You Take a Napa, You Don’t Move to Napa!”

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but the sun has been creeping around the city of San Francisco whispering ” Summer’s almost here.” Seeing as how I don’t know anyone with the name Summer, I assume San Francisco is reffering to the season which makes me really excited so into San Francisco’s ear I whispered back “I know, but I can’t wait so let’s all pile into a white stretch Hummer limo, head to Napa, and spend the day pretending we are flower children galavanting through the vineyards, drink too much wine and of course take 20 million pictures so we can blog about it and give all our friends a sneak peak as to what our Summer looks might entail!” and without hesitation San Francisco whispered back ” Have fun sweet cheeks” so I rounded up my closest G friends and off we went.

Here’s a recap of our tittalating trip, my trustiest traveling tips, and photos to show how we took Napa by storm decked out in our flirtiest frills.


Step 1. Seriously it’s all about the sunnies so make it happen, make them work, and give them a moment in the sunlight so that they can say ” Hellllo universe! I have arrived and I’m magical!”


Step 2 and 3. Do anything possible to make sure your shoes get into as many pictures as possible. It’s always all about the shoes, so letting everyone know that you know that, makes things ten times more fabulous and 3 times more about the shoes. Same rule applies to head gear. This includes flower crowns, hats, and and scarfs.  Just dont embarrass yourself and for the love of wine make it a moment we will remember forever. Speaking of wine, don’t forget that it’s an accessory too so in order to keep your glass half full, and keep things festive make sure you’re using it to your advantage in poses that say “I’m drinking the wine, the wine is not drinking me.”



Step 2. Perfect your limo pose so that it really says something not only about the way you sit, but also your view on life and your attidue about limos all togehter. How will you make the limo work for you? What obstacles will you face before you are able to capture that beauty shot that let’s everyone know your an 11 out 10 even in a moving vehicle on an endless twisting and twirling endless road, three glasses of champagne too deep and paralyzed by a painful urge to tinkle?


Step 4. Just because you decide to wear a skirt suit, does not mean your conservative. Prove it by flashing some cleave amongst the growing grapes while standing in your bossiest pose and by doing cartwheels all the way back to the limo everyones waiting for you in.


(see step 2 and 3)


Step 5. Color coordinating is just as forward thinking as color blocking. Also like color blocking it can be really obnoxious, so do what these two did and choose colors that whisper rather then scream. Love in lavender has never been more chic.



Step 6. Find the sun roof and make your escape. There’s nothing that says ” I’m letting my hair down” like it whipping you in the face at forty five miles an hour. Seriously exhilarating.


Step 7. Bring your arm party! dugh. ok. dugh. ( see step 2 and 3. again. As you can see this can be done so many different ways so it’s really just about choosing a style that works for you.)


Step 8. Whether you’re pulling off the moments most perfect patterned mini or sporting a head to toe “just one color for me” look, don’t forget your only as fab as the company you keep so make sure your friends are dressed in a way that reflects a vision in a dream in a vision of a dream and get more then enough group shots so that in a few weeks when you decide to start a band you have options when you go to choose a picture for your album cover.


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