How to Dress Like You’re on a Tropical Island When You’re Really Just at Work.



Step 1. Accessories – First rule of accessorizing when you’re pretending to be on a tropical island when you’re really at work is that you can never be over doing it. Literally. As soon as you think you’ve invited one to many bangles to your arm party,  add three more, then get a grip, realize that you’re going to work, and take one off. Then remember your pretending to be on vacation so invite one bangle back to the party and offer it a Pina Colada to make up for almost leaving it at home (bangles have feelings too). Also, make sure your inviting jewelry in all shapes and sizes. Remember we are pretending to be as free spirited as the spirits we are pretending we’re sipping on. So get crazy with an oversized gold bow bangle or bigger then your face sunnies and never forget lipstick is your best friend, so lipstick, lipstick, lipstick, and more lipstick.

step 2. The Outfit – When it comes to the outfit, stay focused. Stick to a dress and keep your look to a two piece maximum. That’s a rule. Now, all proper vacations call for a great kaftan so that’s a must. And all proper “office” looks require a feminine collared number. Combining the two? Perfection. It’s just that simple. Don’t over think it. You want to appear stunning and effortless so your done. Actually though. Put down the faux fur vest, put down the motorcycle jacket. Your  just going to confuse everyone. They won’t understand what your trying to say with your look if you try to “glam rock diva” your “island at the office”, comprendo?

Step 3. Prints and Patterns – Amp it up. This is your moment. Think of your look as an ad-lib and this is were you get to fill in the blank. You could go Tribal meets Preppy like I did. Bring it back to reality with a solid colored opaque tight and then send it back to space with a polka dot kitten-heel. Close your eyes, invasion where you are pretending you are, then remember where your actually going (very important), and pick bright and bold prints that say ” I’m fabulous! I have arrived!” and not ” I’m a blind five year old still trying to find myself”.

I hope I’ve been of inspiration, and would love to hear from everyone about how you put together your tropical island work looks!

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One thought on “How to Dress Like You’re on a Tropical Island When You’re Really Just at Work.

  1. I absolutely love all of this! Totally Inspiration Island up in hur. Cant wait to hear more

    love you mean it.

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