Academy of Art University Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC 2013

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Although it may be a totally predictable pick for The Pattern Police to choose Janine M. Villa’s and Amanda Nervig’s collection as my favorite amongst all the other Academy of Art University’s MFA student collections that showed this year at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park, it must be noted the collection itself was anything but predictable. After four years of watching my fellow piers at The Academy of Art University pour their blood, sweat and, tears into a six look collection that is meant to not only sum up, but also define their entire education, experience and existence within the fashion industry,  I have come to only one conclusion; either ya got it, or ya don’t. Well let me tell you, not only did Janine M Villa have it, but she also had a lot of blankets…

It was a pattern clashing, grunge fueled, texture ridden dream the entire minute and forty seven seconds of heels tumbling over heels as her vision slithered down the runway and then disappeared. Janine’s fantasy of simple school girl inspired shilloettes was brought to life through a collaboration with Amanda Nervig, who designed knitwear for the collection. The first time I read about what inspired Janine in the article, Academy of Art University Fall ’13 Designer Dossier: Janine M. Villa, I felt overcome by her genius concept to turn her lifelong collection of Welsh blankets and her sick childhood obsession with the TV show “Clarrisa Explains It All”, into a collection that has sucsesully managed to put the drab couch bound Snuggie to rest once and for all. Even though the irony of a re vamped and more structured Snuggie was now being encouraged to walk down stark white runways in front of fashion’s biggest baddest and bossiest critics was not lost on me. I was floored by Janine’s ability make onlookers swoon. As look upon layered look emerged from the hushed chaos backstage it was almost as if you could hear Janine’s voice woven into the seams of each hem, cuff, and collar urgently begging the crowd if your going to wear a blanket, please for the love of G-d make it a perfectly tailored,  Josef Albers inspired, color bombed, powerfully patterned, menswear inspired, welsh blanket.  But in all reality if New Jersey girl Janine M. Villa could tell you anything, it wouldn’t be about her internship with designers such as Rebecca Minkoff or how she worked as a Product Develop Coordinator for Inspirare. She wouldn’t tell you how many times she failed before her successes but what she would tell you is this, “I am relentless when pursuing what I want. I will hustle for the dreams, people and things important to me everyday for the rest of my life.” Point well made. That is all.


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